About Aylsham: A History of Praise

About Aylsham: A History of Praise

church 20thFor over 100 years Alysham Parish Church has provided the local congregation with spiritual guidance and a place to meet and talk with neighbours and much needed community support. With over fourteen parish leaders having presided over our charming little church, I am more than honoured to be the fifteenth. Before joining this Church, back in 2010, I was given books and other reading materials to research this wonderful village. Even though most churches are older, what struck me whilst doing my reading was the resilience and commitment of the local people to their relatively young Church.

Having been established just before the outbreak of World War I, this modest little brick and wood building has bravely withstood both major conflicts (despite the surrounding area being the target of bombing attacks due to its contribution to arms manufacturing). As a result of its miraculous survival, its clear to see that its congregation are all the more committed to it. There are only a few generations dividing the youngest and the oldest here, so stories of evacuations and worried nights spent in bomb shelters are still very much alive in the heads of both the survivors and their kin.

A bastion of security and well-being that has flourished for the last century, this small but modern church has not ceased in its efforts of supporting those that live in the surrounding area. By continuing to organise seasonal events in conjunction with the local council we can bring together the disparate members of our community and better live by the word of God!

Here’s to another century of religious prosperity and success!