To listen or not to listen – Christians online

To listen or not to listen – Christians online

In the wake of the recent tragedies that have taken place around the world, it can be easy to want to retreat from the wider world. After all, if it wasn’t for the internet, we wouldn’t be aware of these awful things. By just turning off a switch and burying ourselves in a good book (I know of at least one that comes to mind!) we have the opportunity to completely detach ourselves from the greater conflicts that exist in our world. Is this a viable option for us, as good Christians?

Our congregation here is a small bird_goes_online-12114one. Ayl’s Ham, for those who don’t know, is a small village situated in the county of Worcestershire. The people who live in this village have all the amenities that they require. A huge variety of local produce, sold in our independent Village Shop, can keep them fed; whilst the Church and the Village provides them with the social interaction and discussion that all humans need. We have a local school, sports teams, book clubs and amateur dramatics society. If a few thousand people can happily subsist together in good camaraderie; is it necessary for us to taint our every day lives with the sad news of violence and hatred from remote corners of the globe? sschoolNow there are those in our country who have made a conscious decision to push out their hands, and reject the companionship of our fellow man. I will not get into international politics now, because this is not the place for it, but I will say my peace on the matter. The works of Jesus, and all the good deeds that we have read of in the Bible, come as a result of a coming together of people. Nothing is ever achieved by isolation or exile, we are all stronger together; regardless of race, religion or nationality. That is why I believe it is necessary for us to talk with the outside world.

We have the opportunity to reach out and help our fellow man. Whether its by consoling him through social networks, or organising a fund raising event to bring him a glass of water. If an opportunity to act in a Christian manner presents itself then it is our duty to do so. We cannot ignore the internet, and the opportunities that it presents. When we turn off our computers, the suffering and hatred that is fuelling the world’s conflicts does not die with it. So let’s start using the technology that we’ve been presented to become better Christians and help the world become a better place.

See you Sunday!