Hello readers, true believers!

Hello readers, true believers!

Hello readers, true believers and parish members of Ayl’s Ham Parish Church, Worcestershire!

At last, thanks to the younger members of our flock, our church has been dragged kicking and screaming on to the internet! Better late than never, I suppose, and as our leader here I’m honoured to post the first of (hopefully) many posts. I’ll try and keep it relatively short and not make it too much like my Sunday Service, but as Bruce Willis says, old habits Die Hard!

kids-around-a-computerIts a little hard to draw parallels with what’s happening in the world of technology today and our friend Jesus’ stories, but I shall make an attempt nonetheless! What I believe the internet does, which Jesus would appreciate, is bring disparate groups of people together in safe, measured discussion. Even though we have wonderful ways to communicate via video chat, most people use some form of messaging or posting system; this gives us time to read and appreciate our partner’s message and formulate a response. Now, a lot could be said for negative uses of internet communication, but as this is a positive space I’m going to remain that way.

In real terms, having an online hub for the Parish will mean that topics of our Sunday and mid-week services can be posted in advance; giving you a chance to reflect on issues before they are discussed by our wonderful speakers. Any materials needed by our Sunday School students can be posted for download, so your little ones can best prepare for their weekly lessons. Of course, the church’s whole schedule for the year can be published, so you can plan ahead and make sure you don’t miss any of our big events!


Ayl’s Ham’s internet presence can also help us get in contact with other churches within our wonderful county, as well as other establishments throughout our whole world. The sky really is the limit, and I’d like for us all to use this a jumping point to get in touch with our brothers and sisters from different countries and continents. In a year that has so far brought us plenty division, lets start fostering unity with our fellow man by using this new medium and spreading the love of Ayl’s Ham Parish Church!

See you Sunday!